Uwaiysi Path

The history of the Uwaiysi Path goes back to the legendary figure, Uwaiys-i-Gharan, who lived during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (swa). Uwaiys did not see the Prophet but nonetheless became one of his outstanding followers and students. His way of understanding – receiving inspiration and teaching from a physically absent teacher – became a way known as Uwaiysi Mashrab, the way of Uwaiys.

According to historians, no one knows how the Uwaiysi tariqat developed.

Some disciples related themselves to Uwaiys yet it is not clear how a tariqat developed through Uwaiys, as he was in the state of ecstasy and annihilated in the Divine, and there is no evidence that he permitted anyone to guide people after his death.

We read in the history of Islam that Uwaiysi Sufis did not establish a regular tariqat, in the traditional sense, since their affiliation with the teacher is not through the usual transmission of a chain. It is based on the guidance from the invisible teacher rather than a physical human teacher.

At present, Uwaiysi Sufis live around the world, from the borders of Bangladesh to South Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Many do not have a physical elder and have remained close to the spirit of the Uwaiysi mashrab, seeking guidance from the heart of the Prophet (swa).


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