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New Book: "Practice & Transformation: The Way to Divine Qualities and Characteristics"
Practice & Transformation: The Way to Divine Qualities and Characteristics

For several years, Sufi Master Seyyed Shah Nazar Dr. Ali Kianfar has publicly offered his wisdom on the Bible (old and new Testament) and the Qur’an. In these classes, he has stressed that the Holy Books are a collection of divine messages regarding unity, purity and holiness. Dr. Kianfar taught that at the beginning of every creation, physicality wraps around an innate seed of divine and absolute knowledge. The goal of spirituality, according to the Holy Books, is for the human being, now embodied within the physical system, to remember and actualize this potential despite the influence of the body and physical world. The great mystics of all religions say, from having direct experience, that they have found that in the depths of one’s consciousness there is a living presence not touched by time, place or circumstance. So, if what the Prophets and mystics say is true, that the human being has the ability to directly embody his divinity, to remember he is an agent of God, then how far below this value have we accepted ourselves? Do we believe this station is possible for our own being?The International Association of Sufism (IAS) is a California nonprofit association established in 1983 by co-founders Seyyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha and Seyyed Shah Nazar Dr. Ali Kianfar. IAS was founded to introduce Sufism to the public, to teach the connection between the principles of Sufism and science, to establish the first forum between international Sufi schools and to preserve and advance the study of Sufism. Members of IAS include prominent figures from a multitude of cultures, nations, and backgrounds. IAS is a Non Governmental Organization within the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.

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