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Salman Farsi

Abu Abd Allah Salman Farsi
Seventh Century, Persia


It is written that the name of Salman Farsi (d. 658) was Mahuyeh, Behbood, Roozbeh, son of Badakhshan and his title was Salman Mohammadi. His nickname was Abu Abd Allah. He was one of the great devotees of the Prophet. A native of Jay, a suburb of Ramhormoz of the state of Fars, Iran, he descends from King Manoucher. There is a spring in Arjan, Fars called Salman Spring (Safatul Sefat), after his name and there are different stories regarding his ancestry, native land and his transformation to Islam. We read in Tarikh Gozideh[1] that Salman was one of the people of the Prophet and the Prophet said that Salman is of my Ommat.


Some historians refer to his devotion to the Prophet before the era of the Prophetic mission and some connect it to the first year of Hijra. He is also considered to be a great devotee of Amir al Momenin Ali.


We read in Kashf al Mahjub[2]: Know that the Ommat, may God increase them in number, agree that there has been a group of devotees of the Prophet who were always present in his Mosque. They were most often praying and were not attracted to the world and its trades. The book of God speaks of their knowledge and the Prophet has praised them greatly. Ibn Abbas (Arabia, d. 687) narrates that whenever the Prophet passed by the people of Suffa he said: “Good tidings to you and may whoever comes after you follow your manners. They will be among my friends in paradise.” Among the people of Suffa was Abu Abdullah Salman al Farsi.


[1] Tarikh Gozideh is a compendium of Islamic history until 1329, written by Hamdallah Mustawfi Qazvini; this book was published in a complete version Abd al-Husayn Nava’I, 1960.

[2] By Ali Bin Uthman Al-Jullabbi Al-Hujwiri (Persian Sufi, d. 1072).


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