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About Sufism (Tasawuf)

The origin of Tasawuf can be traced back to the beginning of Islam to a select group of individuals who gathered on the platform of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. They formed the Prophet’s inner circle and were called Ahl-e-Suffa. They were from many nationalities and cultures. Their practices were founded upon the principles of piety, virtue, and purification – the principles that followed both the teachings and the personal example of the Prophet.

Sufism allows individuals to uncover their true meaning, a dignity and honor that elevates the human being to the level of the creator, as “whoever knows oneself, knows one’s Lord.” (A saying of the Prophet, salute to him.) Thus, all the manifestations of creation represent divine mercy, all are to be honored and respected, all have the right to a peaceful and tranquil life.

Sufism is a school embracing humanity – past, present and future – regardless of diverse cultural backgrounds and apparent differences. Sufis believe in the inner calling to understand the essence of being and discover the puzzle and mystery of the self. The more the puzzle of the individual self becomes known, the more we will recognize it’s importance in the cycles of Being. Unless the value of humanity is understood, morality and true human civilization will not be honored.

The pursuit of knowledge and the quest for the Divine are essentially identical in Sufism. The vital link between knowledge and practice is to be found within, in the attainment of inner knowledge of the heart. Through the perfection of such understanding, the individual comes to know not only one’s self, but also the Divine.

Sufism has always been open to all and has been truly multi-national for the past millennium. Truth is universal and belongs to no one nation or culture, but to all humanity. In present times, Sufism spreads from the borders of Australia to West Africa, from India to the shores of America.


© Uwaiysi Tariqat. All rights reserved.